Welcome To The Realm Of Mind-Body Metaphysics!

Howdy there! You’ve probably reached my blog by searching along the lines of “What the heck is metaphysics anyway???” Well, you probably didn’t type this specific phrase in the search engines. Ha ha! But I know that’s probably what you thought when you searched for the term ‘Metaphysics’.

As you can see, I like to mix education with entertainment, but without the fluff that you probably get with the Discovery Network of channels on TV. I get straight to the point.

What you will almost exclusively find here is posts regarding my own experiences and understanding of mind-body relations.

Mind-body relations in specific is how the mind effects the body, or so-to-say, mind-over-matter. The same can be said of the reverse, but mind-body relations is predominantly about how the mind creates or affects changes in the body by way of our thoughts and beliefs, or even our feelings.

To wrap this up, I want to give you a brief background about me. I am a psychic empath, or so to say, a clairesentient. This means that I have the ability to sense the emotions and feelings of all sentient life forms, whether alive and material, or dead and in spirit form (immaterial).

That’s a wrap for this post. Until next time. See ya soon, to the moon and back, don’t get out of whack. Ha ha!

How Curses Work

You have most likely heard of curses, or you may actually believe in them (or maybe you don’t). But no matter what you think about them, they certainly affect the mind and body in mysterious ways. But in this post I want to focus specifically on how they work, at least my understanding of them.

Curses can work one of three ways:

  • The cause comes before the effect
  • The effect comes before the cause
  • The cause and effect are interchangeable

Let’s break them down. Shall we?

  • Cause before effect: You can decide the conditions before you get your results. Say you want a curse to bind a person to you romantically that won’t have you. The condition (or cause) is that the curse will stay in effect until you get the results (or effect).
  • Effect before cause: You can decide if you want the results to come first until the conditions are met. Take the same romantic curse; the results (or cause) is that the person suffers from loneliness until they will no longer be able to stand being apart from you and the condition (or effect) is that they will fall into your arms madly in-love.
  • Cause and effect together: The romantic curse in this sense is both the condition (or cause) and results (or effect). For example, the condition is that the person will suffer while they resist your spell, while at the same time they can’t help but have feelings for you. When they finally fall into your arms, they will be happy as long as they are in a relationship with you. But if they ever choose to leave, the curse can be set to start all over again!

Of course, to put a curse on someone, you need a clear target in mind. Whether that target is a person, place, animal or object, etc, your target should be given subconscious instructions by way of telepathy (in a subliminal manner of course). To use telepathy, you just imagine that you are projecting your thoughts into their subconscious mind, which act like seeds.

You need to have a way of keeping the curse powered up, so it is best to imagine the curse as some sort of object (ex: A sprouting seed growing into thorns) or persona (ex: An imposter that looks like your target that will act as their so-called conscience that makes them feel like they want you) that will self-feed (ex: they draw nutrients from their environment, like a seed can be nourished from their mind, or their imposter conscience can be nourished from the person’s guilt or loneliness).

But be sure to have a self-destruct mechanism in case things go horribly wrong or until conditions are met and you get your results (ex: When you get into that relationship, the conscience will feel satisfied and feel it no longer has a reason to stick around)!


You Choose Your Afterlife

As I have stated, I am a Spiritualist. But I take on Spiritualism in an eclectic manner from both a philosophical stance and a religious one. I call myself a Spiritualist because I most often focus on spiritual matters and because I’m a highly spiritual person. The form of Spiritualism you may be thinking of is ‘Modern Spiritualism’. There are many different forms actually, some more ancient even. I believe in some aspects of Modern Spiritualism too. But in my form, I believe we can choose our afterlife destination or state of existence.

Even if you don’t believe you can choose your personal afterlife, just pick your preferred afterlife and by focusing on it, you will begin to feel as though you are already living it. If you choose to live in a state of eternal bliss as a state of consciousness, like I do, then you will probably have a more blissful and joyful life now, maybe even have an easier time in this life! I just chose mine as I was writing this! I feel so much better.

Choose your afterlife, but please don’t condemn yourself, because no matter what bad deed you’ve committed in this life or any previous ones, your eternal fate deserves to be a happy one! Your time on Earth is finite, don’t let a few 80 years on Earth (a blink of an eye in cosmological terms) bog you down for eternity!

How To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Your Advantage

If talking about the subconscious mind isn’t metaphysical, then I don’t know what is! Ha ha! The subconscious mind has often been one of the great mysteries since the dawn of humanity and with good reason. We still don’t fully understand it’s properties or it’s powers.

I’ll tell you what we do understand, by telling you how to take full advantage of it! The biggest thing you need to understand is that it is the beginning of everything you believe and do.

If you’ve ever played a game of cards, or even shuffled a deck of playing cards you probably know that it is mostly a game of chance. So how do you use your subconscious mind to your advantage in card games you ask? Well, while you are shuffling the cards, just focus on your subconscious mind itself while you shuffle, then when you deal the cards (if you are the dealer that it is) try to see if you notice whether or not you have given yourself an advantage without having fixed the deck. I have won so many games this way! Just hope that nobody cuts the deck! Ha ha!

You can use this method for just about any activity, even if you are at a slot machine or if you roll the dice. You can even use it for learning! If you use it for learning, make sure you consciously read over what your subconscious mind had read (read it subconsciously then read it again with your conscious-mundane mind).

I would read a book without consciously reading the whole thing, just turning the pages while focusing my attention solely on the subconscious mind while looking at the pages at a glance at the same time. Just absorb the pages with an eagle eye view (from above) while focusing on your subconscious mind by thinking quietly (and if you can possibly do so without words and instead with feelings, then do it) ‘my subconscious mind is reading this by itself’.

And that is the simplist way to use your subconscious mind to your fullest advantage! There are so many more techniques you can use. Try Joseph Murphy’s book, “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind”. It is the best book on the subject of the subconscious mind!

Y’all be good to your subconscious mind, ya hear?

Things That Are Excessive Marketing And How They Affect The Mind

A lot of you who have ever laid eyes on a porn movie, whether or not you actually bought the VHS or DVD, have probably noticed a movie Rated XXX. Let’s be honest, a movie can never truly be rated Triple X (XXX). Any Rated X movie is just that, Rated X. The other two X’s are just for show and to hype up their product as being more hardcore than it actually is. Why am I mentioning porn (of all things)? It’s because it is the best example of excessive marketing tactics, which somehow some of you may have fell for. Am I right?

It’s just like when a product (whether it is porn or not) is guaranteed to work at 1000% capacity, or that the product is 1000% effective, they really just mean their product (or service, I guess) works 100% of the time. There is no such thing as anything beyond 100%. Sometimes you can zoom in past 100% on your phone, but that is one of the only appropriate and genuine situations out of a few that anything should go beyond 100%. Anyone marketing to you that something is 500% marked down, or anything beyond 100%, they are just trying to psyche you out into buying a cheap product that was already that cheap to begin with.

Whether a product is rated XXX, or if a product is marked down 500% in price, don’t fall for it. If you still want the product however, I see no problem with buying it as long as neither the seller nor you are hurting anyone else or cheating anyone else out of their money.

How does this relate to metaphysics you ask? Well, a Rated XXX porn movie or a product marked down by 500% are abstract concepts which affect your mind, and quite possibly changing your body by consuming these products.

What Is Divine Inspiration And How Do You Recognize It?

Howdy y’all! I never write a blog post without first receiving “divine inspiration”, which is pretty much the Transcendentalist side of my Spiritualism. You are probably wondering now what divine inspiration is, am I correct?

Divine inspiration is best described with the “Ah-ha!” lightbulb moment. You get a sudden idea that is so good that you must either act on it or act on it and share it. That’s the only time I post on this blog, and mostly before I share or do anything creative.

Don’t fret, you will know when you’ve had that “Ah-ha!” lightbulb moment of divine inspiration, you’ll just know. It is one of the strongest metaphysical feelings of intuition ever!

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